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Since 1991, RESA has been developing and marketing automated and integrated software solutions, targeting the operational needs of the airport industry (airports, airlines and handling agents) throughout the world.

Our systems are based on proprietary software packages delivering our expertise in all key areas ...

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Passenger & baggage manag.
Airport management
Billing management
Communication management

BAGERA is a Baggage Reconciliation and Tracking System (BRTS) that guarantees that each bag loaded is matched with a passenger who has actually boarded. The system also tracks all bags every step of the way, from check-in through to loading.
VISTA is an innovative Flight Information Display System that displays flight information to the public. The systems receives information from the FIMS and can handle an unlimited number of images and display monitors.
PAXTRACK is a comprehensive system that tracks passengers throughout the airport. It provides triple quality of service for airports, passengers, airlines and handling agents.

Pristina International Airport in Kosovo has recently joined the ranks of the many airports equipped with RESA’s GAIMS software suite.
The Turkish conglomerate Limak Construction, together with Aéroports de Lyon, won the concession tender to operate Pristina Airport in May 2010 and joined forces with RESA to provide all the airport’s IT systems...

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