Automated boarding


The reliable management of automatic doors enables automated passenger boarding.

Amongst new uses, self-boarding (automated boarding) is establishing itself as a means of rapid boarding, technical reliability, improved service to passengers and overall cost reduction.

CREWS SELF-BOARDING is the CREWS module specially designed by RESA to control automatic doors.

In connection with your platform's DCS, and through a graphical interface that is consistent and intuitive for the passenger, the functionality of CREWS SELF-BOARDING includes1:

  • management of the boarding process
  • consolidation and coherence of boarding in manual and automatic modes on a given flight
  • the technical integration of peripherals in automatic doors
  • supervision and statistics for devices and their functionalities
  • integration of the functionalities of the DCS (or their emulation) related to the automated boarding process


1the functions of CREWS SELF-BOARDING may vary depending on the hardware chosen.