Baggage Reconciliation and Tracking System

BAGERA, Baggage Reconciliation and Tracking System

Based on the latest technologies on the market, BAGERA is a complete baggage reconciliation and tracking system designed to continuously monitor baggage from its check-in until being loaded on the aircraft. A critical system in matters of security, BAGERA is also an essential tool in terms of quality of service to passengers.

Main characteristics and advantages

  • Reconciliation of baggage with boarded passengers
  • Baggage tracking from check-in to loading
  • Reduction in baggage lost or sent to the wrong destination
  • Rapid unloading of baggage if necessary
  • All operations recorded
  • Solution that is user-friendly and easy-to-use

Management of baggage information

Interfaced with the airport's operational DataBase and the airlines DCS, BAGERA constantly provides reliable information on the position of baggage throughout its journey from the check-in desks and the baggage conveyors to the container and the loading point on board the aircraft.

Simple and reliable reconciliation

Through the use of portable scanners configurable in various languages, the baggage handlers have access to real-time information and can therefore act efficiently. They can easily locate baggage, identify baggage during transfers, load/unload baggage and containers following the reception of an alert, request time for critical handling during short transfers, create rush baggage, etc.

The BAGERA workstations, using an application launched in a standard browser, enable overall monitoring and display of the state of baggage management. The supervisory personnel can therefore assign new containers to flights, monitor the progress of loading, authorise rush baggage, cancel baggage, publish baggage manifests at any time, etc.

A configurable solution

Compatible with forthcoming technological progress in baggage tagging (RFID), BAGERA can be configured according to the requirements of the airport. It enables the creation of user groups; so each baggage handler has access only to information relative to the flights that he/she deals with and to the related functionalities