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Within teams combining stability and dynamism, RESA has built a strategy to develop its businesses and skills, which are based on its 25 years of technological expertise within an airport environment which very early became globalised.

At the technical level, our ambition is to remain ahead, amongst the best recognised experts in airport systems at the worldwide level. We take pride in being able to guarantee our clients the quality and reliability of our solutions, controlling all of the software, hardware and network elements of which they are composed. In teams of a human scale, we always seek to develop the skills of our engineers by close mentoring between those who are more and less experienced.

At a commercial level, our business lines and skills are built in a demanding and highly international environment. With most of our revenue coming from exports, we deal with the daily reality of our clients on five continents. The technical nature of our products and the level of expertise of our client-interlocutors constitute the major challenge that our teams meet, within a highly autonomous framework.

We prefer a strong collective approach to excessive individualisation of technical or commercial objectives.


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