Common Use Passenger Processing System


CUPPS system for sharing check-in desks and boarding gates


CREWS is a CUPPS system (ensuring CUTE compatibility) for sharing airport resources in accordance with the requirements of IATA recommendation PSCRM-RP1797.

It enables flexible sharing of resources for check-in and boarding (workstations and associated peripherals) between all airlines and handling agents present at the airport.

Main characteristics and benefits

  • Physical sharing of check-in desks and boarding gates
  • Workstations secured in the public zone
  • Multiple and simultaneous access platform to the applications of all airlines
  • Ideal solution for front-office and back-office positions
  • Reduced operating costs of check-in and boarding positions

An open and modular architecture

CREWS is a software platform that can integrate any Windows compatible application with an optimised certification process.

Fully integrated with Microsoft standards at the server level, fixed clients and mobile clients, CREWS is open to emulators and to airlines applications, handlers specific softwares, RESA's local DCS, etc.

Secured access

CREWS manages access rights for automatically launching the desired applications according to the users.

Once disconnected, the workstation clears itself of all programs and returns to its initial configuration.

CREWS is also equipped with a peripheral manager containing all drivers necessary to the functioning of devices attached to a workstation.

This manager, installed on all workstations connected to peripherals, authorises the sharing of devices between several airlines applications and protects the workstations against any undesirable connection of peripherals.

To browse more easily between the various applications that are open simultaneously on a workstation, CREWS also includes its own task manager.

Controlled maintenance and acquisition costs

CREWS licences are granted for an unlimited period of time. CREWS is delivered and installed with easy-to-use tools enabling rapid training of airport teams in the support and administration of the system.

Under its maintenance contract, and without any extra investment, the airport automatically receives the latest updates of the product developed by RESA, together with the guarantee of always having the latest version of the software package, no matter which version of the Microsoft operating system that it has.