Information exchange system


FAIRWAY is a communication system that exchanges information between various systems, whatever the communication protocol used. It is equipped with numerous business connectors for automated and complex application processing in accordance with airport standards.

Main characteristics and advantages

  • Strategic kernel of exchange system between mixed applications
  • Reception of information coming from external systems
  • Data-feed to information systems connected to the airport
  • Control of real-time information exchange
  • Transparent management of all communication protocols
  • Routing and multiplexing messages via TCP/IP

Mixed environments controlled

Each service in the airport acquires its own administrative autonomy by obtaining its own business applications, which risks partitioning the whole of the Airport Information Management System. These applications, like a certain number of applications coming from systems external to the airport (civil aviation, airline companies, etc.), nevertheless hold essential information.

Thanks to its real-time exchange performance, FAIRWAY can redistribute information between all these applications.

The system enables high-performance exchange of information between mixed applications that need to connect to the Airport Operational Data Base, whatever the communication protocol used.

The FAIRWAY communication system thus makes it possible for airports to freely develop their information systems. They can integrate applications of their choice without compromising what exists and without radically disrupting their Airport Operational Data Base.

An interfacing service

This function is provided by connectors, FAIRGATE modules, which can interface with a multitude of applications governed by different communication protocols: TCP/IP, FTP, SQL, email, MQ SERIES, etc.

An application processing and interpretation service

Upon reception of one or more events, FAIRWAY acts as a message router and triggers the rules for converting and routing messages.