Airport billing system

INVOICE, Airport Billing System

INVOICE is an airport billing system which covers all of the services and aeronautics fees invoiced to airlines and handling agents.

Main characteristics and advantages

  • Automation of airport billing operations
  • Unlimited configuration of billing rules
  • Interfacing with all standard accounting systems
  • Securing the billing chain
  • Reducing sources of errors relating to manual entry
  • Multi-currency management

Unlimited configuration

Thanks to unlimited configuration of the billing rules, INVOICE can create as many rules as are required by the airport operation, thus automating a maximum number of airport billing operations. Each generated rule can be modified at any time according to changes in the regulations or the airport's billing procedures.

Secure billing

INVOICE imports all information from the Airport Operational DataBase. It therefore avoids sources of errors related to tedious manual input and considerably improves the automation and productivity of the airport's billing service.

INVOICE interfaces with any standard accounting system and thus avoids any break in the airport's accounting sequence.

Electronic invoice management

INVOICE generates invoices in electronic format, which is particularly suitable for their archiving. In particular, it enables the airport to send them by email, thus accelerating the processing of financial flows.

INVOICE is now compliant with the e-invoicing standard IS-XML, put in place by IATA. So the reconciliation and analysis of data is simplified.