RESA supports the Côte d'Azur airports in their Eurocontrol A-CDM certification

November 24th 2020

Collaborative Pre-Departure Sequencing System by ATRICS
used in the ACA Operations Control Center RESA’s special interface for pilots INFOPAX AODB used in the ACA Operations Control Center
RESA A-CDM portal used by a Ground Handler

INFOPAX A-CDM is RESA's A-CDM portal enabling all airport stakeholders to share information, in order to improve operational efficiency and air traffic predictability, and to optimize resources. 

Available to all airport partners (airport operators, airlines, ground handlers, and air navigation), RESA's A-CDM portal focuses on aircraft rotations, completed with the Pre Departure Sequencer and scheduled take-off times.

RESA offers different levels of A-CDM adapted to all airport sizes.