Display system for airport personnel

Système de téléaffichage service.

VISTA WEB is a VISTA module dedicated to "service" remote display. It enables airport personnel to have access to flight information from any workstation.

Main characteristics and advantages:

  • Real-time dissemination of flight information to workstations
  • Direct information feed coming from the AODB
  • Access possible by all airport personnel
  • Multi-criteria search facilitating access to information
  • Solution that is user-friendly and easy-to-use

A web solution for private remote display

VISTA WEB disseminates flight information on ordinary workstations equipped with an Internet browser. As data cannot be modified from the system, any person working at the airport can access it, such as ground-handling agents, airlines agents in back offices or any other airport service (police, customs, etc.).

Extensive access to "flight" information

Fed directly with "flight" information from the Airport Operational Data Base, the data is sent in the form of HTML pages to VISTA WEBworkstations. The system thus provides access to forecast data and to "flight" information for the day, whether commercial or private flights.

VISTA WEB also displays the list of flights processed and the list of commercial flights subject to anomalies.

The user can also have real-time access to the list of airport resources used, such as check-in desks, gates, conveyors, parking areas, etc.

The airport can broadcast, in a scrolling banner, any service information that is useful to personnel of the airport (weather forecasts, construction/renovation work, etc.).

A filter function enables users to perform multi-criteria searches, thus facilitating access to the information.