What about Self-Boarding?

Self-Boarding is becoming more widespread

February 04th 2019

Self-Boarding gates Self-Boarding gates CREWS Self-Boarding

For several years, RESA has been working in partnership with airports and airlines to develop Self-Boarding technology and make it more reliable. This technology is currently becoming more widespread, and RESA has chosen this point in time to present to you the opinions of two market experts.

From airport's perspective

Improved flow of passenger traffic

In addition to RESA's passenger tracking and access control solutions (PAXTRACK), the Self-Boarding system helps to ensure free-flowing passenger traffic. By saving time and increasing the reliability of the boarding process, passengers can spend more time in the shops.

Greater autonomy

Passengers who have become used to managing part of their airport experience themselves are now demanding greater autonomy – from check-in to boarding.

>> Read the interview with Jean-Pierre Torres, I.T. Manager, Nice-Côte d'Azur Airport

From the airlines' perspective

Improved customer relations

94%* of passengers have reported that they are satisfied with the Self-Boarding system. Thanks to this system, agents can welcome passengers and provide them with information when required. Boarding via automatic gates not only speeds up the process for passengers, but also indirectly enhances the relationship between agents and passengers, while at the same time securing boarding control – a process which up to now has only been manual.

Improved on-time performance

Thanks to Self-Boarding technology, objective on-time performance has improved by 10 points*. This is a significant improvement both for passengers and for the airline.

>> *Read the interview with David Arfi, Self-Boarding Project Manager at Air France

RESA: expertise

RESA has developped three-fold expertise in terms of automated boarding:

  • Development of an AEA technical layer for gate management,
  • Design of a gate which meets the highest quality standards in terms of design, performance and reliability,
  • Integration of specific airline applications into the main existing systems.

An experience from which RESA customers benefit – from project genesis to project launch.

What about the future?

Systematic document checks will not have a negative impact on the Self-Boarding system. Consideration is being given to the automation of these checks to improve and further secure passenger tracking at the airport.